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Safety Guard Rail

Safety Guard Rail
Access in and out of roof hatches can be stressful and pose a real threat of injury. The Lane-Aire Safety Guard Rail mounts easily to all roof hatches after the roof hatch has been installed. Because of a unique clamping feature, no holes are required through the roof hatch or reoofing system, thus maintaining the roofing system warranty. Safety Guard Rails meet the intent of OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.23 and 27 that requires compliance for safe ingress and egress through hatch openings in the roof.

Technical Illustrations
Model No. Roof Hatch Opening Model No. Roof Hatch Opening
SGR-3232 24" x 24" SGR-3238 24" x 30"
SGR-3244 24" x 36" SGR-3838 30" x 30"
SGR-3844 30" x 36" SGR-3862 30" x 54"
SGR-38104 30" x 96" SGR-4444 36" x 36"
SGR-4456 36" x 48" SGR-44104 36" x 96"
SGR-5656 48" x 48"  

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