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Smoke Vent Technical Specifications


Part 1 - General
1.1 Scope

  • Furnish smoke vent(s) as required.

1.2 Submittals

  1.         copies of shop drawings shall be submitted to the architect for approval prior to fabrication.

1.3 Performance Requirements

  1. The smoke vent(s) shall be designed to meet the requirements prescribed by the governing building codes.

1.4 Guarantee

  1. A written guarantee will be provided certifying that the smoke vent(s) shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from date of purchase.

1.5 Fabrication

  1. All parts shall be neatly formed and fabricated with all joints and seams completely welded to insure water tightness.
  2. Unit(s) shall be supplied completely assembled and ready for installation.

1.6 Approval

  1. Smoke vent(s) to have California State Fire Marshal approval number 4475-054. Models SVD and SVDL to additionally have California State Fire Marshal approval number 4350-054 and ICBO approval number 1998.

Part 2 - Products
2.1 Manufacturer

  • Smoke vent(s) shall be manufactured by Lane-Aire Manufacturing Corp., 2820 El Presidio Street, Carson, California 90749. Phone number (312) 636-2324 or (714) 547-7744.

2.2 Materials

  1. Cover for models SVD and SVDL shall be constructed with a clear or white acrylic plastic some engaged in an extruded aluminum retaining frame and formed (14 GA galvanized steel/.125 aluminum) cover frame. Cover for models SV and SVDD shall be (14 GA galvanized steel/.125 aluminum) with a 1" fiberglas insulation and a cover liner of (22 GA galvanized steel/.040 aluminum).
  2. Curb shall be (14 GA galvanized steel/.125 aluminum) with a rigid 1" insulation at the exterior. Curb shall be 7 1/2" high and equipped with a 3 1/2" wide mounting flange with pre-drilled holes.
  3. Unit shall be equipped with heavy duty hinges, lid lifting arm, limit chain, and chrome vanadium steel torsion springs. Unit shall be activated by a UL listed fudible link or optional Electro-Thermal link.
  4. Galvanized steel units shall be factory prime painted. Aluminum units shall be mill finish.

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