Custom Skylight Technical Specifications


Part 1 - General
1.1 Scope

  1. Design and fabrication of aluminum skylight systems
  2. Glazing material
  3. All related flashings
  4. Complete installation details
  5. Installation by experienced mechanics available upon request
1.2 Submittals
  1.         copies of shop drawings shall be submitted to the architect for approval prior to fabrication.
  2. Structural calculations by a licensed engineer shall be submitted for approval prior to fabrication.
  3. Samples shall be submitted for approval prior to fabrication.
1.3 Performance Requirements
  1. The skylight structures shall be designed to meet the requirements prescribed by the governing building codes.
  2. Skylight rafters shall be designed to limit deflection to L/175 of the rafter span.
  3. *AAMA standards will be adhered to.
1.4 Guarantee
  1. A written guarantee will be provided certifying that skylights shall be free of defects in design, materials, workmanship, and will not leak for a period of 5 years from date skylight is completed.
  2. Glazing materials are covered by glazing manufacturer's standard warranty

Part 2 - Products
2.1 Manufacturer

  1. Skylight(s) shall be manufactured by Lane-Aire Manufacturing Corp., 2820 El Presidio Street, Carson, California 90749. Phone number (312) 636-2324 or (714) 547-7744.
2.2 Materials
  1. All aluminum structural members shall have the minimum mechanical properties of aluminum alloy 6063 T-5
  2. The actual aluminum alloy, temper and thickness will be determined after reviewing performance requirements pertaining to:
    1. Loading and deflection
    2. Thermal expansion and contraction
    3. Cross sectional configuration
  3. Flashing shall be formed from sheet aluminum alloy 3003 or 5052 H32. Thickness to be determined per job situation.
  4. Glazing Materials
    1. Exterior glazing shall be (architech to specify thickness and color — Lane-Aire Manufacturing can supply virtually any type of acrylic or glass material. Safety glass must be specified for all glass products).
    2. Interior glazing shall be (architect to specify thickness and color — whether acrylic plastic or glass products. Laminated glass shall be used for all interior glass lights. Heat absorbing tinted materials can not be specified).
  5. Glazing gaskets shall be extruded neoprene glazing gaskets located above and below the glass and shall have a 50+/-5 durometer hardness, a minimum elongation of 450%.
  6. Fasteners shall be 300 series stainless steel, cad plated steel, or aluminum.
  7. Finish (architect to specify — Lane-Aire Manufacturing can supply any commercially available aluminum finish).
2.3 Fabrication
  1. Skylight frames will be pre-assembled in manufacturers shop. Projects too large for shipping will be pre-assembled, marked, and disassembled prior to shipment to jobsite.
  2. All rafter bars shall be designed for snap in glazing gaskets.
  3. All welding shall be by the heliarc process.
  4. Provide weep holes at the lower end of the sill frame to drain condensation to the outside.
  5. All brackets or clips shall be welded or bolted for the purpose of securing. Rafter bars shall be done at our factory.
  6. All rafter caps shall be attached with screws 12" o.c. minimum.
3.0 Execution
  1. Installation is to be completely erected and glazed by an approved experienced installer, or by the manufacturer.
  2. Inspection shall be made by the installer to determine that all mounting surfaces and area is in design and dimensional agreement with all approved shop drawings. In the event of error, the installer shall bring all deviations to the attention of the parties at once. All faulty work must be corrected before installation may begin.
  3. All aluminum components that come in contact with dissimilar materials shall receive a protective coating to prevent electrolysis.

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