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Standard Skylight Technical Specifications

Standard Skylight Technical Specifications

Part 1 - General
1.1 Scope

  • Design and fabrication of aluminum skylight
  • Glazing material
  • All related flashings
  • Complete installation details

1.2 Submittals

  1.         copies of shop drawings shall be submitted to the architect for approval prior to fabrication.
  2. Samples shall be submitted for approval prior to fabrication.

1.3 Performance Requirements

  1. The skylight structure shall be designed to meet the requirements prescribed by the governing building codes.
  2. AAMA standards will be adhered to.

1.4 Guarantee

  1. A written guarantee will be provided certifying that skylights shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship, and will not leak for a period of 5 years from date of purchase.
  2. Glazing materials are covered by glazing manufacturer's standard warranty

1.5 Fabrication

  1. Skylight frames will be assembled in manufacturer's shop.
  2. All welding shall be by the heliarc process.
  3. Provide weep holes 18" o.c.

1.6 Approval

  1. Skylights to have approval of I.C.B.O. and California State Fire Marshal. Skylights shall also have city of Los Angeles research report number.

Part 2 - Products
2.1 Manufacturer

  • Skylight(s) shall be manufactured by Lane-Aire Manufacturing Corp., 2820 El Presidio Street, Carson, California 90749. Phone number (312) 636-2324 or (714) 547-7744.

2.2 Materials

  1. All aluminum members shall have the minimum mechanical properties of aluminum alloy 6063 T-5
  2. Flashing shall be formed from sheet aluminum alloy 3003 or 5052 H32. Thickness to be determined per job situation.
  3. Interior and exterior glazing shall be (architech to specify thickness and color — Lane-Aire Manufacturing can supply any type of acrylic).
  4. Glazing for dome skylights shall be thermoformed from plexiglass brand acrylic. Domes are available in clear transparent, white translucent, bronze and grey transparent solar control Plexiglas® brand acrylic sheet.
  5. Glazing gaskets shall be extruded santoprene, glazing gaskets have a 50 +/- 5 durometer hardness a minimum elongation of 450%.
  6. Fasteners shall be cad plated steel, or aluminum, or 300 series stainless steel.
  7. Finish shall be (architect to specify — Lane-Aire Manufacturing can supply any commercially available aluminum finish).

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